September 25, 2021

Word Search Puzzles | Play Free Online

A Word Search, Word Find, or Word Seek Puzzle is a word game that consists of letters of words placed in a grid (usually rectangular or square shape) which has to find and mark all the hidden words inside the box. Word games help to expand your vocabulary in a fun and easy way.

The hidden words are placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in the grid box. Also, a list of hidden words is also provided which has to be found in the box.

We have provided a number of categories from which you can choose and play the Word Search Puzzle Game. You can choose the difficulty level from 8×8 to 20×20.

You can also download our app to play word search game from Play Store – Word Search

How To Play

> Select an option available in the Categories. It will direct you to that screen.

> Select the level hardness from the drop-down option on the screen from 8×8 to 20×20.

Word Search > Then find the words from the available list given below the word search box. The words are placed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in the box. 

Word Search game

> To mark the word you have to select the first letter of the word and then select the last letter of that word. 

Word Search game

> After finding all the words a congratulation message will show on the screen, if you select the cross button of the message box the game will be reset and a new box will appear with new words in the same category which you can play. 

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