October 23, 2021

What is WhatsApp Web and How to use it?

Around 2  billion people use WhatsApp to chat, send files, and make calls.  All these stuff and the service were initially designed as a mobile-only platform. Then WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop that basically allows users to use WhatsApp on their computers. They are actually the same thing with just a slight difference. WhatsApp web is WhatsApp on a browser and WhatsApp desktop is actually a dedicated application that you download from the website and install on your computer. But they both let you do the exact same thing and that’s let you use WhatsApp on your computer. So whichever you use the first step is always to link WhatsApp on your computer with the WhatsApp you already have in use on your smartphone. 

How to use WhatsApp Web?

So to launch the WhatsApp application go to any browser and open web.whatsapp.com. You’ll see a page with a QR code.

  • Then open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Then tap on 3 vertical dot icon and select the WhatsApp web option.
  • It will open the barcode scanner > scan the barcode on the WhatsApp web page.

It takes a second to scan and sync your smartphone WhatsApp to the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop. And then you’ll see your WhatsApp on the desktop your chats, your contacts, your media everything. The interface is so clean that it should take your few minutes just to get used to it.

WhatsApp Web

The first thing you notice really is just how much it is easy to chat in a computer’s keyboard compared to the keyboard on your smartphone. But one thing you should know is that having WhatsApp in a computer doesn’t in any way replace WhatsApp on your smartphone. In fact, the web version simply reflects what’s happening on WhatsApp on your smartphone. This means your smartphone that has WhatsApp must have an active internet connection for WhatsApp web to work. It will let you know when there’s no internet connection on your smartphone. And it also lets you know when your smartphone is running low on battery.

How to logout from WhatsApp Web?

You should logout from WhatsApp Web once you have finished using it because it is not safe to have WhatsApp open on your PC. There are two ways to logout

  1. Directly from the Web – Click on the three-dot button at the upper left side of the screen and click on Log out.
  2. From Smartphone – Tap on the three-dot icon on the top right of the screen. Then select the WhatsApp Web option from the list. It will show all the active sessions > Tap on Log out from all devices to log out.

If you want to check whether your WhatsApp is being replicated somewhere using WhatsApp web you can use the above process. It will show the list of devices which has replicated your WhatsApp or is trying to access your WhatsApp remotely and when it was last active. And if it was not you who has replicated, then you have to make sure you log out of all the devices. You can also enable 2-step verification to make it more secure.


There are a few things where WhatsApp web lacks voice and video calling. Although it will notify you that there is incoming call so you can receive it on your smartphone. That’s only if you have WhatsApp desktop notifications turned on. And you also can’t post WhatsApp status from the web version but you can see WhatsApp status posted by other people. You can also see how many people saw the status you posted using a smartphone.

But even in these drawbacks, the comfort of using your computer’s keyboard to type WhatsApp messages is oddly satisfying. That another extra stuff like being able to use two different WhatsApp accounts on two different browsers on the same PC, also using the picture in picture mode for instance when someone sends you a YouTube video link you can watch that video while still continuing to chat with other people all these things make it worth it.

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