September 25, 2021

How to use Google Pay App: Step By Step Guide

Google Pay App is a digital payment application available both for android and iOS user, it is based on the UPI (Unified Payment Interface ) platform. Using UPI makes it easier to send or receive money directly to the bank account instead of using a separate app wallet to store it. Google pay allows users to send money, receive money, bill payment, mobile recharge, ticket booking, etc. it is one of the safest, fastest and simplest modes of online transactions. The app is available in 8 languages English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Features of Google Pay -

Ease of use – It is one of the easiest ways to make online/digital transactions, also you can choose a language in which you are comfortable (from the available languages).

Instant Transactions – Using UPI platform transactions are made instantly into your linked bank account.

Multiple Payment Options -You have multiple payment options such as Bank transfer, phone number, QR, UPI, self-transfer.

Security – If anyone able to keep your data safe it’s Google, by using multi-layer encryption, virtual account number while transaction, screen lock, security PIN while making a transaction.

Cashback & Offers – Google is offering various cashback and reward benefits by making payments, referring app and many more.  

Universal Acceptance – The app is compatible with many payment aggregators and with all the banks which are accepting transactions through UPI.

Free of Cost – The app does not charge anything for the payments/transactions.

Setting up Google pay -

1. Download and install google pay app on phone  (having android  5.0 (Lollipop) or higher /  iOS 10.0 or higher).

2. Enter your phone number which is linked to your bank account.

3. Select box 1 to select the language of your preference (English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu).

4. Click NEXT.

5. Sign in with your Google account on the next screen (if you have multiple accounts or you want to change your mobile no./google account click on edit option box 2).

6. After clicking the next button you will get OTP (one-time password) for mobile no. verification, which is automatically detected by the app.

7. For protection, you must select either screen lock (existing phone screen lock) or create google PIN option (for verifying your PIN you will need to be connected to the internet).

The app will ask permissions for its proper functioning such as camera, contact, location, microphone, SMS, and telephone.

Your Google Pay Account has been created, now you have to add your bank account for making payments using the app. 

Suggestion – Some people fear using Debit Card/Credit Card/digital/online payment options due to increasing fraudulent activity around them. For such people to get used to /gain the confidence in using digital payment options, they can use a separate bank account having low balance (5000/10000 rs or as per user need).                         

In most cases, fraud occurs due to lack of alertness and awareness, if you are using a separate bank account and fraud occurs then only a small amount will be lost instead of a big amount from your main account.

Adding a bank account in Google Pay -

Before adding a bank account you must have

  • Your bank Account which supports UPI.
  •  Mobile number which is linked to your bank account.
  • You must ATM or Debit Card.

How to add a bank account in Google pay

1. Tap your photo/avatar on top right corner > Bank account > Add ‘bank account’.

2. Choose your bank from the list (if your bank does not appear in the list then your bank doesn’t work with google pay yet).

3. The app will ask to send SMS to verify the number with your bank > Click Send SMS > Then the app will automatically send SMS for verification with the bank and will find your bank account linked with your number.

4. In the next screen, you will see your account link > if you have UPI PIN click on Activate account & enter your UPI pin.

    If you don’t have UPI pin/forgotten your UPI PIN click on “Don’t know your UPI PIN” > Enter your debit card information > An OTP will be sent to your registered no. > In the next screen you have to enter your ATM pin & OTP > After verifying you need to set UPI pin which will be used while making transactions.

Now you have added your bank account in google pay. You can add multiple accounts that are linked to your same registered number. By clicking on add bank account & following the above process.

If you have added multiple bank account in Google pay, then one of the accounts will be a primary account which will be used as the default account for making transactions.                                         

 You can change the primary account by selecting the account(which you want to set as a primary account) in the ‘payment methods’ option and click on the “Set As Primary Account”’ option. Then that account will be set as a primary account.

Google Pay Home Page -

How to transfer money to someone through Google Pay -

There are 4 options available for money transfer in google pay they are –

Bank Transfer -

In this option you have to fill the account details of the person to whom payment is to be done. The process to make payment through bank transfer option is given below

1. Click on New Payment option > Select bank transfer. 

2. Fill account number, IFSC, and Recipient name > Tap continue.

3. Tap pay and enter the amount to be transferred with description (what’s this for) if needed > Tap ‘proceed to pay’.

4. Enter your UPI PIN.     

After the transaction is completed you will get a notification with the transaction details. You will also receive SMS from the bank with the debited amount.     

Phone number -

For making payment through this option make sure that the person who you want to send money has installed Google pay app with linked mobile number in their device. 

1. To make payment tap on New Payment option > Select Phone number option.

2. Enter the mobile number of the person whom payment is to be made > Verify the name of that person after clicking on the verify button > if correct then tap ok.

3. Then select the type of transaction you want to make Pay/Request.

4. Tap on Pay option > Enter the amount with description > Enter your UPI PIN to finalize your transaction. You will receive notification and SMS of your transaction after the transaction.    

5. Tap on ‘request’ option to make a request for money to that person and if he accepts the request by entering his UPI PIN in his device, you will receive the amount in your account. If he declines then no transaction of amount will occur.

UPI ID or QR -

UPI is a banking system for money transfer on payment apps by transferring the amount directly into the bank account. Since it is completely digital one can use it 24 hours. UPI ID is an address that identifies you on UPI (typically [email protected]).

To make payment using UPI ID follow the process given below

1. Tap on New payment option in home screen > Tap on UPI ID or QR option > Select UPI ID. 

2. Enter UPI ID of the person to whom you want to send money > Tap verify.

3. After verifying details of the person tap ‘ok’.

4. Enter the amount to be transferred with description > Tap next > Enter your UPI PIN and finalize your payment.  

After the transaction, you will receive notification and SMS with your payment details.

QR code -

QR code stands for Quick Response code, as its name suggests it is used to quickly access data just by scanning code. Generally, it contains data for locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application. For making payment using QR code follow below process

1. Swipe right on home screen /tap new payment option > Tap UPI ID or QR > Select QR, to open the QR code scanner screen from here you can scan the QR code.

QR code of My Website

There are two ways to use a QR code scanner

1. Using Spot code – Spot code is similar to QR code which is designed by google for making payment on its google pay app. It can only be scanned by Google Pay Scanner.

To open Spot code tap your avatar on the top right corner > Tap your spot code or swipe right on the home screen and tap on ‘show my spot code’.

For doing payment using spot code, ask the person to open his spot code > Scan the spot code using your google pay scanner > Enter the amount and description > Select the form of payment > Tap proceed to pay > Enter your UPI PIN.

When the money has been sent you will get a notification.   

2. Using QR code – By using QR code you can make payment to any purchase made on shop, retailer, a person using QR scanner. 

To make payment open your code scanner by swiping right on the home screen > Scan the QR code > check the details > Enter an amount and description > Select the form of payment > Tap proceed to pay > Enter you UPI PIN.

When the money has been sent you will get a notification.


If you have more than one bank account linked to your Google pay account than you can transfer money from one account to another using this option. Follow below process to make the transaction using the self-transfer option 

1. Tap on ‘New payment’ > Tap self-transfer.

2. Select the bank from which you want to transfer > Select deposit bank account > Tap ‘Next’.

3. Enter the amount to be transferred with a note if needed > Enter your UPI PIN. After transfer, you will get a notification.

Chat Head -

On the home screen you can see various chat heads under the People & Businesses section.

1. If you tap on chat head under People section you will get options such as pay, request or type message and you can also see your previous transactions made under that chat head.

2. If you tap on chat head under Businesses section you may see various options such as Share receipt, contact, pay, block, etc along with your previous transactions under that chat head.

For making a payment just tap on Pay option > Enter the amount and description > Enter UPI PIN. If you tap on the Request option you can make a money request to that person by entering the amount and description > Tap Request. That person will receive the request in his chat head which he can accept /decline. If he accepts then by entering his UPI PIN in his device the transaction will be completed & you will receive that amount in your account.

Google pay can act as a simple messaging app under ‘type message’ in chat head where you can chat with the person by entering the message in ‘type message’.

Transaction Limits -

There are certain transaction limits that are set by NPCI, your bank, and sometimes by Google. These limits can change from day to day basis. There are daily and monthly limits to how much money can be sent or receive using Google Pay.

> You can only transfer up to Rs 1 lakh per transaction and per day.

> Maximum 10 transactions can be done in a day.

> Your bank might have its own limits for transactions using UPI, you should contact your bank for more information if you are having trouble while transactions.  

> To protect against fraud, some transactions might get flagged by Google for further review. If you think that you have not reached your transaction limit and still having trouble contact Google Pay support.

+ New Payment

If you Tap on new payment section on the home screen you will see three sections 

1. Search for people/Search for businesses -

If you want to directly search for people, services, or businesses tap on this option. When you enter related words in the search section you will see results accordingly in the list and if it matches your choice you can select that from the list. And if it does not match your choice then use an alternate word or that service might not be on Google pay yet.

2. People & bills -

In this section, you will see options such as mobile recharge, bill payments, transfer money (bank transfer, phone number, UPI ID or QR, self-transfer), and contact.

a) Mobile recharge-

You recharge any mobile number using this option. For the first recharge on the app first, you need to add the number which is to be recharged.

To do so, tap on the mobile recharge option > Enter the mobile number that you want to add (you can enter your number or someone else’s) > Tap continue > Enter a nickname and select mobile operator under ‘Operator and Circle’ if required > Tap ‘Continue’.

After adding number you can recharge that number by searching the amount /plan in the search box or you can select it from the plan option > Tap proceed to pay and follow the instruction on the screen.

Recharge again – If you have done a recharge before then you can directly recharge that number again without entering that number again. Tap on mobile recharge > Select the operator of that number > If you have more than one number in that operator then select the number in drop-down option > Here you can see your previously done recharge and if you want to repeat the recharge then Tap on ‘Repeat Recharge’  > follow the instructions on the can also search or select plan in available option and do the payment for it.

b) Bill Payment-

You can pay bills for electricity, postpaid mobile, FASTag recharge, LPG, and many more using google pay.  

For doing payment using this option first you need to add a biller account to google pay. You need to make sure that the biller is supported by Google pay.

Tap on Bill payments > Select the biller name from the list > Follow the instructions on the screen by filling the details asked by the biller such as customer ID, account number, etc.

For a Bill payment, Tap on bill payments > Select the name of a biller > Select an account > Pay a custom amount: tap make payment & enter the amount that you’d like to pay, or Pay an available bill > tap pay bill. Follow the instructions on the screen > When the transaction is completed view the bill to confirm that the payment was successful. It may take up to 3 business days for payments to show up in your account.

You can check the status of your payment along with your bill details by tapping ‘See all payment activity’ option on the home screen, or by tapping ‘Bill payments’ option > Tap a biller > You will see a list with details of paid and pending bills if any.

FASTag recharge-

You can Top-up your FASTag account with Google Pay by linking your FASTag account to a supported bank (HDFC bank and ICICI bank) account with Google Pay.

Link FASTag account to Google Pay by Tapping ‘New payment’ > Tap Bill payment > Select FASTag recharge option > Select supported bank > Enter your account details > Tap Next.

Payment to FASTag account – After adding your FASTag account you can send a payment to your FASTag account. Tap FASTag  > Make payment > Choose the FASTag account that you want to send money to > Enter the amount > To confirm, tap the tick mark. If your payment is successful but your FAStag account hasn’t topped -up, then contact the bank with the UPI transaction ID.

3. Businesses -

In this section there are various categories such as donations, food, commute, travel, etc. Under each category, there are various options available such as Zomato, Olacabs, Trains, Gold Vault, etc. This Business section acts as one-stop-shop as you don’t need separate apps for doing different actions, for example, if you need to order food just select the food ordering app (Zomato, Swiggy, etc). You just need your account in that service providing app through which you can log in while making an order. 

Booking Train ticket through Google pay app

You can book your train ticket in google pay app using IRCTC user ID and password. If you don’t have an IRCTC account than you will be prompted to create one on the IRCTC website during the booking process. Train Ticket booking process is given below

1. Tap on New payment > Business section > Tap on train chat head /search for ‘Trains’ in the search bar.

2. Book train tickets/new tickets > search for trains by entering origin, destination, date of travel & quota.

3. List of available trains with seat availability will appear, In railway there are different classes such as SL,3A,2A,1A choose one in which you want to travel.

4. Choose the train which you want to travel according to the seat availability > Tap select.

5. Confirm travel details > Enter your IRCTC user ID (if you don’t have an IRCTC account tap ‘Create account’ & follow the instructions to create a user ID. 

6. Enter passenger details (name, age, gender &birth details ) > Click on add passenger and/or add infant to add more passengers (max 6 passenger & 2 infants per ticket booking ).

7. Enter contact information to receive notifications for your journey through SMS > Select whether you want travel insurance or not > Choose preference (it is optional) > Tap continue.

8. Confirm your booking information including the fare breakdown > If the information is correct, tap Continue/if the information is incorrect, tap edit trip and update your information, then continue to the next step.

9. A pop up will appear for the IRCTC password which will be needed after payment > Click on the checkbox if you remember the password > If you forget your password click on forgot password and follow the instructions to recover the password > Click continue.

10. Select a payment method, then tap proceed to pay > Enter your UPI PIN  > After PIN confirmation you are taken to IRCTC website for password & the CAPTCHA > Tap submit, a confirmation screen will appear showing your ticket details.

11. You can book a return ticket and download your ticket by clicking the respective option.

How to view your Tickets-

To view your booked  train tickets follow these steps:

1. Tap on New payment > In Businesses section, Tap Trains chat head or search for ‘Trains’ in the search bar.

2. Select the ticket that you want to view in your transaction history. 

3. Tap View details.

You can also share the ticket or download the ticket to your device.

How to cancel your Train Ticket -

 You can cancel your booked train ticket on google pay app. One’s you book a ticket through the Google pay app you can cancel your ticket at any time as long as the train’s chart hasn’t already prepared. There may be some cancellation charges according to rules and regulations of IRCTC, which you should check before ticket cancellation.

To cancel a train ticket follow these steps:  

1. Tap on ‘New payment’ > In the business section tap on the Trains chat head or search for ‘Trains’ in the search bar.  

2. In your transaction history, select the ticket that you want to cancel > Tap View details.

3. Tap Cancel ticket, at the bottom of the details

  • If the ticket is for one passenger, a confirmation screen appears.
  • If the ticket is for more than one passenger > Select which passenger to cancel > After selecting a confirmation screen appears.

4. Tap Yes, proceed to confirm your cancellation.

After confirming your cancellation, your request is reviewed. If your cancellation is approved then a cancellation notice appears in your transaction history with the refund amount and a summary of your cancellation. 

Now you can book your Unreserved train ticket using the UTS app of IRCTC. To view steps to book a ticket on the UTS app click here.


If you want to update your personal details, account details, privacy and many more you can do it here. Tap on the avatar on the top right of the home screen, then select ‘Settings’ to edit/update your details.

a)Profile photo -

By default photo is the same as that of your google account. To change your profile photo select edit option. There you will see two options Take photo/Choose Photo, select Take photo option to capture your photo through your mobile camera or select Choose Photo option to choose the photo from your device gallery.

b) Mobile number – You can change your mobile number in this option by tapping on ‘Mobile number’. Then select Change mobile number option  > Enter the mobile number which is registered with your bank account > After verification through SMS your mobile number will be changed.

c) Payment methods – Here you can see your linked bank accounts with google pay, and you can also add bank account under this option. If you tap on Bank Account you can see various options such as Set As  Primary Account (for payment), Display QR code, Forgot UPI PIN, and View Balance.

If you forgot your UPI PIN then you can recover it by selecting Forgot UPI PIN option and entering your debit card details with ATM pin > Set new UPI PIN.

d) Language – You can select your preferred language here by clicking on the Language option in setting.

e) Pay across Google – By saving your UPI IDs to your Google Account you can pay securely on Play Store and on any app that accepts Google Pay.

f) Privacy -

Two options available under this section, they are Discoverability and Blocked users. The discoverability option enables people to find you on Google Pay using your mobile number. In the ‘Blocked users’ option, you can see all the users which you have blocked.

To block someone on Google Pay follow below process

1. Tap on New payment option and slide your finger up to show your contacts.

2. Tap the person that you want to block > Tap More > Tap Block.

3. To unblock the person, Tap Unblock.

g) Notifications – There are various options such as Google Pay Tips, Smart Alerts, Chat Messages, etc, available under this section which you can activate/deactivate by sliding button.

h) Security – Google Pay uses Google PIN /Screen lock feature to make it more secure. Google PIN is different from your UPI PIN or that you use to unlock your phone. Here you can change your type of security either from Use screen lock or Use Google PIN.

i) Log out – By using this option you can Log out from your Google Pay app. You will have to enter your security lock when you relaunch the app.

j) Close Account-

If you want to close your Google Pay account you can do so by using the ‘Close account’ option. To close account follow below steps

1. Tap on the avatar/photo on the top right corner on your home screen.

2. Tap on Settings > Tap on Close account.

3. Then Tap on the ‘Close’ option.

When your account is closed, all your UPI accounts will be deregistered and any other services such as gold vault balance may be lost.

k) Raise BBPS dispute-

If you sent someone money but they haven’t received it, you can raise the BBPS dispute. But before raising the dispute, check the following

> Check transaction status – Bank may take up to one week to complete the transaction. After the processing period transaction status will change to either Success or Failed. If the status is showing ‘Payment processing ‘don’t try to make the same payment again.

If the transaction is successful, the recipient will get the money and if the transaction failed, the money will be put back into your account.

To check status  > Tap on ‘See app payment activity’ > Tap on the transaction which you want to check, or just tap on the chat head of that specific person where you can see all the transaction details made to that person.

> Wait for three days before contacting support because it usually takes up to three working days for a bank to complete the transaction. You can also check the bank statement for the status of the transaction.

> Report the transaction – If the money hasn’t been received after three business days then you can/should raise a dispute. Only the sender can report a transaction, the recipient can ask the sender to report the transaction.

Follow these steps to raise the dispute

1. Open the transaction that you want to report > Tap ‘Raise Dispute’.

2. Select the reason for the dispute  with description (optional) > Tap ‘Raise dispute’.

Most of the disputed transactions are resolved within two weeks.

Help & Feedback -

If you want help regarding any issue/problem you can use this option. There are various articles available for common issues of users on the Help Articles option. If you Tap on the ‘Contact’ option you will land on the Support page where you can search for your issue in ‘Describe your issue’ search bar, or you can browse articles.

You can contact customer care via Chat or Email option. If you want to give feedback regarding the Google Pay app you can give it by tapping the Send feedback option.  You can reach the customer care toll-free number (India) at 1-800-419-0157.

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