September 25, 2020

How to book unreserved train tickets through UTS app

Indian Railways has launched ‘UTS on Mobile’ app for booking of the unreserved ticket through its app. It is far more convenient for the customer than standing in queues. Passengers using the UTS app can travel by train without taking hardcopy of the ticket. In addition to a train ticket, passengers can book platform tickets, seasonal ticket, or renew their tickets from the app. 

Pre-requisites to avail the UTS app service

  • User must be of age 17 or more.
  • The passenger should have an Android/Windows/iPhone smartphone.
  • The phone must have GPS connectivity for booking tickets in paperless mode. For the paper-based ticket, GPS is not mandatory.

Click here to download UTS APP.

Registration Process -

1. You have to download the UTS App from the Play-store/Window Store/Apple store.       

 2. After that click on Login > Register / > Click on Register.

3. Fill all the details – mobile number, your name, password, gender, and date of birth.

4. Click on generate OTP > an SMS will be sent to the user with the login id and one-time password > enter a new password for login.

5. For login click on LOGIN > mobile no./ user id & password ( I prefer checkbox for remembering the password because once you exit the app you need to enter the password every time) > after that click “LOGIN” button.

  • In case you forget your password you can recover it by using the “Forget Password” option available on the mobile application as well as on the website.

6. After registration (which is mandatory) your Railway Wallet (R-WALLET) will be created automatically with zero balance.                        

Similarly, you can also register from UTS website  

Booking of Tickets -

1 Book Ticket > Normal Booking/Quick Booking/Platform Ticket/Season Ticket/QR Booking.

2 Modes – Book and Travel (paperless) /Book and Print (paper).

Book and Travel (paperless)

Book and Travel mode 

It is a paperless ticket in which you can travel without taking hardcopy of the ticket. Whenever TC staff asks for a ticket you can show your booked ticket using the ‘Show Ticket ‘ option in the app.

In this mode passenger’s current geo-location is checked using GPS and tickets will be booked only if the passenger is not inside/near (25m approx.) the railway premises like the station, railway track, inside the train, etc.

1.  Click on the book and travel option.

2. In this mode, the source station appears automatically (the station which is nearer to your location according to GPS), then you have to enter the destination station and click on the DONE button.

3. Choose no. of the passenger to travel with you (max 4 adult & 4 children), Ticket type ( single journey or return journey). Train type [ordinary(O) / mail / exp(M/E) / superfast(S) ], Class (second/first)and payment type (R-Wallet / Pay Using:- Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or UPI) then click OK button.

4. All details of your ticket are shown on the next page which you can finalize and book a ticket.

5. Booked tickets can be checked from the ‘Show Booked Ticket’ option on the home screen menu(internet connectivity is not required for viewing the booked tickets).

If the ticket is not visible, then call customer care and if money is deducted without ticket booking, then the money will be refunded automatically to your account after 7 days.


– Paperless Ticket is not allowed for cancellation.

 – If the passenger is unable to show a paperless ticket to TTE due to the mobile battery drained out, mobile handset lost during the journey, or any other reason, the passenger will be treated as a ticketless and penalty will be imposed.

 – Since the UTS ticket is not linked with any berth and can be duplicated easily, the app has some restrictions such as screenshot, sharing, etc to avoid duplication of the ticket.

Book and Print (Paper) -

Book and Print mode –

1. Click on book and print mode > fill source and destination stations.

2. Fill no of passengers to travel (max 4 adult & 4 children), ticket type, train type, class, and payment type > check the details on the next screen and book your ticket by clicking on the BOOK TICKET button.

3. You will get a booking ID along with other ticket details as SMS/Notification. Then you should go to the source station and take the print out from the ATVM/CoTVM/OCR machines using the booking ID or you can also approach the UTS booking counter to take ticket printout.

Paper Ticket Cancellation

If the ticket is not printed at the kiosk than the ticket can be canceled through the mobile application by clicking the “Cancel Ticket” option available at the home screen. If the ticket is printed at the kiosk, then cancellation is allowed only at the UTS counter within one hour after printout. There will be no cash refund at the time of cancellation.

The refund amount after deduction of clerkage charge, if any, will be automatically topped up in the user R-Wallet or will be refunded to the customer’s account.

NOTE:- Print of the ticket (in paper-based ticket mode) is mandatory & travel without a printed ticket will enforce the penalty.

If you are unable to print the paper tickets at the ATVM/CoTVM/OCR machines, contact the booking office supervisor or call railway customer care. 

Seasonal Ticket -

1. Book tickets > Seasonal Ticket > issue ticket/renew ticket.

2. For booking a new seasonal ticket click on issue ticket and if you want to renew your seasonal ticket click on renew the ticket.

3. Issue ticket > select source and destination station > after that fill details like train type, class type, duration, name, gender, DOB, id type, id number, payment type, and address > click on GET FARE, it will show the fare of the ticket which can be paid by R-Wallet /other payment options.

Platform Ticket -

1. Book tickets > platform ticket > book and travel (paperless)/ book and print (paper)

2. In paperless mode station will automatically show (the station which your closest from) which you have to select > no. of persons (max 4) > payment type > book ticket

3. In paper mode you have to select station > fill other details > book ticket > visit the selected station and take a print out from the ATVM/CoTVM/OCR machines using the booking ID or you can also approach UTS booking counter to take ticket printout.

According to the railway rules platform ticket is valid for two hours from the time of booking.

Booking History -

 Here you can see all your booking history ( M-TICKET is paperless ticket & P-TICKET is the paper ticket). You can also search for next train for your journey.


Recharge R-Wallet

1. Click on R-WALLET > RECHARGE R-WALLET or you can recharge at any of the UTS counters.

2. Enter Recharge Amount ( minimum recharge value is Rs.100 and max is Rs.10000), the recharge is to be done in multiples of Rs.100.

3. Multiple payment options like Net-banking/Debit card/Credit card/UPI/Wallets are available through Paytm, MobiKwik and FreeCharge payment aggregators.

If R-Wallet recharge gets failed and money has been deducted from the customer’s bank account, then R-Wallet will be recharged with the same amount after getting confirmation from the bank in the settlement process ( which may take 2-3 working days).


It is not mandatory to top up or recharge the R-Wallet you can pay through payment aggregators available.

To recharge your R-Wallet or pay for your booked ticket (using UPI id) you can use the Google Pay app. How to use google pay app, Click here

Other options in R-Wallet

Current Balance – Where you can check the balance of the railway wallet. 

Recharge History – Here all your recharge history is shown.

Surrender R-Wallet  – If you want to surrender R-Wallet then you have to click the “SURRENDER R-WALLET” option. After initiation of surrender request user will get a secret code as SMS. This secret code has to be shown to the booking operator, after deduction of the clerkage amount you will get the cash refund.

You can reactivate your surrendered R-Wallet within 3 months from the date of surrender. Beyond 3 months specific permission from the railway is to be taken for reactivation of the R-Wallet.

Profile -

Change Personal Details – Here you can change/modify your id card type (like pan card, aadhar card, voter card, etc), id card no, gender and DOB.

Change City – If you want to change your city click on CHANGE CITY option > select city > click on DONE.

To Change Frequent Travel – In this option, you can add/edit your frequent travel routes.

Change Journey Details – In this option, you can edit your default details like train type (ordinary/AC EMU train), payment type (R-Wallet/other payment modes) & Class type ( second/first) > click NEXT.

To Change Password – Here you can change your password by entering your current password then your new password twice > click on CHANGE PASSWORD.

Change Handset Request

To restrict the duplication of the UTS ticket, it is bound with device IMEI number, due to which active ticket(s) is shown only on one mobile device.

The process to change the mobile handset –

1. If the user is not having an active ticket(s)-        

Using the CHANGE HANDSET option in the app or from the website.

2. For user is having an active ticket(s)-

a) If the user wants to change the handset-User can change the handset only once in a month(i.e. after 30/31 days) for active ticket

Initiate change handset request from existing mobile device > download application in the new mobile device > login to the app using your credential> use sync ticket option to sync ticket to the new mobile > all the tickets will be bound to the new handset.

b) Mobile handset is lost– You should give request to CCM/PM office of the concerned railway along with documents (copy of the FIR/CSR & copy of the duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to mobile network operator)

c) Mobile handset is not-repairable– You should give request to CCM/PM office of the concerned railway along with documents(copy of the letter from the dealer or service center saying that mobile is non-repairable & copy of the duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to mobile network operator)

Help: When you select this option you will get Helpline numbers (139), FAQ’s and “Getting Started” option on your windows.


Logout: This option is used to exit the application.

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