September 25, 2021

CGPA Full Form | CGPA to percentage calculation

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is an Education Grading System that is used in schools and colleges to measure the overall academic performance of a student.

In this system instead of numbers/percentage grades (A, B, C, D, or F) are awarded to the student. The method of giving CGPA varies from country to country but in India CGPA grading is given on Percentage Base. Normally the average Method is used to derive CGPA. 

How to calculate CGPA?

To calculate CPGA, first of all, add the number of all the subjects of the student and divide it by the number of subjects. Suppose a student has 5 subjects, first add all the marks obtained from the five subjects and divide it by 5 from which CGPA will come out. You can understand the CGPA from an example is given below

 >  Suppose your grade in five subjects are –

     Subject 1 – 10

     Subject 2 – 9

     Subject 3 – 8

     Subject 4 – 9

     Subject 5 -10

  > Add the grade points of all your subjects.

     10 + 9 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 46

  > Now divide the added grade point i.e. 46 by 5.

  > Dividing 46 by 5 gives you 9.2, this is your CGPA.




90% to 100%

O or A+


70% to 89%



50% to 69%


Second class

40% to 49%


Pass class

Below 39



CGPA To Percentage Calculation -

The percentage of marks from CGPA can be calculated as follows:

  • Subject wise percentage of marks = 9.5 * GP of the subject
  • Overall percentage of marks = 9.5 * CGPA

Example: If a student has got a total of 9.2 CGPA, it means his/her total percentage of marks: 9.5*9.2 = 87.4%.

A few years ago, CBSE has started a new system which is called CGPA by eliminating the percentage system. The motive behind starting this system was that the students should be graded based on their overall performance rather than a number because the overall development of the student cannot be judged by number.

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