October 23, 2020

14 Amazing Facts about the sea and creatures of the sea

Amazing Facts: Did you know about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water? There are more than 200,000 known marine species and over 2 million species to be documented. These species range in size from as large as the blue whale and as small as a zooplankter or microbe.

The ocean plays an important role in controlling the climate on Earth, providing food and oxygen, maintaining biodiversity and transportation.There are many amazing creatures found in the sea such as blanket octopus, blobfish, horseshoe crab, pyrosomes, mantis shrimp, etc.

In this post about the sea, we have facts about sea crab, jellyfish, blood falls, squid, starfish, red-lipped batfish, and many more.

1) Interesting Facts- Jellyfish body made of about 95% water

Amazing Facts Jellyfish body

2) Amazing Fact- Sea Crab heart

Amazing Facts Sea Crab heart

3) Cute fact- Jorunna Parva sea slug

Amazing Facts Jorunna Parva

Source – The Dodo

4) Weird Fact - Blood Fall in Antarctica

Amazing Facts

5) Amazing Fact - Shark skin under microscope

Shark skin under microscope

Image Source – Reddit

6) Strange Fact - Octopus has three hearts

Amazing Facts Octopus has three hearts.

7) Amazing Fact -Deepest Oceanic Trench

Deepest oceanic trench

8) Unbelievable Fact - Red lipped batfish

Amazing Facts


9) Interesting Facts - Largest eye in the animal kingdom

Amazing Facts Squid eyes

10) Amazing Facts - Largest living structure

Amazing Facts

11) Amazing Fact - Place where the desert meets the sea

desert meets the sea

12) Incredible Fact - Starfish don't have brain!

Starfish Brain

Source – Passport Ocean

13) Surprising fact - Penguin legs are longer than they appear

Penguin legs

Source – Science ABC

14) Interesting Fact - Spotted lake in Canada

Spotted lake

Source – Far Enough Trips

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