October 24, 2020

16 Best Random Interesting Facts |Amazing facts

Amazing and Interesting Facts: Do you know, for example, which ant stores liquid in their body? Or which fish has teeth similar to human teeth? Or the original color of the pyramids of Egypt? which body part of a human has no blood supply? There are many other interesting things that will surprise you. 

In this post, you will know about some amazing, strange and interesting things in this world. 

1) Surprising Fact - India's contribution of spices.

Spice contribution by India

2) Weird Fact - Honeypot ant stores liquid in their body for later use.

Honeypot ants

Photo by Greg Hume

3) Amazing Fact - Cigarette lighter were discovered before matches.

lighter and matches

4) Interesting Fact - Mercury is the only metal that remains in a liquid state.


5) Wonderful Fact - Some facts attached with number seven.

Number seven facts

6) Weird Fact - Pacu fish teeth are similar to that of human teeth.

Interesting Facts

7) Surprising Fact - That's how the pyramids of Egypt originally might look like.

Pyramids of Egypt

8) Fascinating Fact - Sand Grains through microscope.

Sand Grains under microscope

Source – Geology

9) Strange Fact - Spiders eat their own web for silk proteins.

Interesting Facts

10) Amazing Facts - Cornea of the eye has no blood supply.

human eye fact

11) Awesome Fact - From International Space Station one can witness 16 sunrise and sunsets a day.

The International Space Station

Source – The Atlantic

12) Unbelievable Fact - The Kailasa Temple at the Ellora Caves.

Interesting Facts

13) Cute Fact - Fluffy Chicken

Interesting Facts

Source – Reddit

14) Interesting Fact - The color of Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty color

15) Amazing Fact - The beak of a Sword-Billed Hummingbird.

Interesting Facts

16) Interesting Fact- Hot water converts to ice faster than cold water.

Mpemba Effect

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