September 25, 2020

15 Random Interesting and Amazing Facts images

Interesting and amazing random facts with images that probably you don’t know about. Do you know, for example, which insect can survive for several days after the head is cut? Or what is the maximum height that a mountain can obtain in the effect of gravity? the metal that melts in your hand? Or the number of flavors of KitKat in japan?  Or which animal has human-like fingerprints? 

There are so many interesting and amazing things all around the world that it is almost impossible to know about all of them. So in this post, you can learn some of the amazing facts that you might have not known before.

1) Unbelievable Fact - Cockroaches can survive for several gays after the head is cut.

Cockroaches fact

2) Amazing Fact - Maximum height of a mountain due to the Gravity.

Amazing Facts

3) Awesome Fact - The Giant Siberian Unicorn an extinct species of rhino.

Interesting Facts

Source – Ancient Origins

4) Strange Fact - Gallium is the metal that melts in your hand.

Gallium melts in hand

Source – Geology

5) Interesting Fact - Hawaiian alphabets consists of just 13 letters.

interesting facts

6) Surprising Fact - Heart rate of hummingbirds and Pygmy shrew.

heart rate

7) Interesting Fact - 'Tittle' the small dot over the letter i and j.

small dot over i & j

8) Awesome Fact - There are 300+ Kitkat flavors in Japan.

Amazing Facts

9) Strange Fact - Koalas have Human-like Fingerprints.


Source – Live Science

10) Amazing Facts - Underwater Gunshot

Interesting facts

Source – Imgur

11) Wonderful Fact - Norway where the sun shines at midnight.

midnight sun shine

12) Amazing Fact - Pigs cannot see the sky from a standing position.

Amazing Facts

13) Interesting Fact - Russian Pizza Roulette Plate.

Rusian Pizza plate Roulette

Source – Laughing Squid

14) Amazing Fact - Longest word on the same line of the keyboard.

Typewriter word

15) Cool Fact - Water slide through a shark tank.

Water slide through a shark tank

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