July 31, 2021

15 Interesting Facts related to human and their behavior

We all are eager to know about human and their behavior. How people react in different circumstances, what do they like, dislike? These are some basic things that help in understanding a person’s personality. There are many interesting and amazing facts about people which you like to know about.

In this article you will know interesting facts about a self made hero, some human body facts (about eyes, heart) , behavior and more.

1) Interesting Fact - About 10% people are left handed

Left handed people

2) Awesome Fact - 'Mangetsu-man' a self-made hero that cleans the city.

self made superhero

3) Interesting Fact - Most people are born in August month.

Facts related to human

4) Amazing Facts - Around 200 crore people eats insects as a regular diet.

No. of people eats insect

5) Interesting Fact - Neil Armstrong

Facts related to human

6) Unbelievable Fact - Cigarette butts are the most littered item by human.

Facts related to human

7) Surprising Fact - The shortest recorded war in the history.


8) Awesome Fact - Human eye as a camera might have 576 megapixels.


Source – Discovery

9) Surprising Fact - A human's heart can throw blood up to a height of 30 feet.


10) Strange Fact - Most people will change volume level to even number.

Volume of a TV

11) Weird Fact - The taste of food comes only after getting saliva in it.

The taste of food

12) Fascinating Fact - People take the fastest decisions when they are playing video games.

Facts related to human

13) Amazing Facts - Only 2% of people have green eyes.

Facts related to human

14) Daring Fact - "Cage of Death" in Australia.

Crocosaurus Cove

Source – Facts Lists

15) Creative Fact - Ceiling art in smoking room.

Ceiling art in smoking room

Source – Reddit

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