October 24, 2020

15 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Nature

Our nature is amazing with lots of amazing places and phenomena. Here we have some amazing facts about nature that we think you should know about. In your busy day to day life, you are missing so much about the world around you. If you slow your pace and enjoy the world around you, you will be surprised and amazed by it.

In this post about amazing facts, you will know about amazing places such as salt flat, potato chip rock, amazing phenomena as the formation of ice egg, light pillars, the sea of cloud, and more facts.

1) Amazing Fact - A lightning bolt can heat air more than the heat of surface of the Sun.

Lightning Fact

2) Awesome Fact - Shadow of Mount Fuji

Amazing Facts nature Mount Fuji

3) Strange Fact Nature - Ice Egg caused by wind and water

Ice eggs

Source – BBC

4) Amazing Facts - Largest desert in the world

largest desert

5) Interesting Facts - Weight of a medium sized cloud

cloud weight

6) Surprising Fact - Baobab tree can hold 32,000 gallons of water

Amazing Facts nature

Source – Flickr

7) Unbelievable Fact -Sea of Clouds

Amazing Facts nature Unkai Terrace

Source – Ana Cool Japan

8) Amazing Fact - 1 million earthquake every year

number of earthquakes

9) Awesome Fact - The world's largest salt flat: Salar de uyuni

Largest salt Flat

Source – Passenger6a

10) Incredible fact - Honey does not spoil

Amazing Facts nature

11) Cool Fact - Rain from an Airplane

Amazing Facts nature

Source – Reddit

12) Weird Fact - Chicken of woods: Laetiporus Sulphureus

Amazing Facts Chicken of Woods

13) Unbelievable Fact - Potato Chip Rock

Potato Chip Rock

14) Cool Fact - Light Pillars: refraction

Amazing Facts Light Pillars

15) Interesting Fact - Lightning Strikes about 100 times every second


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