October 24, 2020

15 Amazing Facts related to Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna very important components of our environment and ecosystem and there are many interesting and amazing facts related to them. Here the term,  Flora relates to plant life and Fauna relates to animal life.

In this post, you will see some of the facts related to them for example orchid that looks like devil head, Japanese lantern, skeleton flower, and more.

1) Amusing Fact - 'Victoria Amazonica' a water Lilly has very large leaves

water Lilly

2) Surprising Fact - Some bees can fly higher than The Mount Everest

3) Interesting Fact - Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after Saffron.

expensive spice

4) Weird Fact - Butterflies taste food through their feet.

taste food

5) Unique Fact - The Skeleton Flower has white petals that turn translucent when rain and revert to white when dry.

Flora and Fauna Facts

Source – The Plant Guide

6) Awesome Fact - The Red Cage is a species of fungus.

Flora and Fauna Facts

Source – Earth Blog

7) Interesting Fact - The Sandbox trees are covered with spines and has exploding fruits.

The Sandbox trees

8) Amazing Facts - Demon Orchid looks similar to a Devil Head and has claw like petals.

Demon Orchid

Source – Live Science

9) Interesting Fact - Super Mario Mushroom are based on the red mushrooms.

Flora and Fauna Facts

10) Awesome Fact - Japanese Lantern Plant

Flora and Fauna Facts

Source – Steemit

11) Amazing Fact - 'Silkhenge' structure around spider egg just like a fence.

Flora and Fauna Facts

Source – Earth Touch News

12) Weird Fact - Psychotria Elata looks like human lips and also known as Hot Lips Plant.

Hot Lips Plants

13) Interesting Fact - The miracle berry fruit make sour foods taste sweet.

Flora and Fauna Facts

14) Strange Fact - Dracula Simia looks like a Monkey Face.

Flora and Fauna Facts

Image Source – Reddit 

15) Interesting Fact - Difference Between poisonous and venomous animals.

Difference Between poisonous and venomous animals

Source – Britannica

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