October 24, 2020

15 Amazing Facts and Interesting Facts around the World

The world is amazing, we all know this. But, the world is so big with around 196 countries that no human being can see the whole world in his life. There are many places and mysteries related to the world which are really amazing.

You must know that our world is full of mysteries. Many of which you might know and some of which you will be completely unaware of. But when the truth of a mystery is known, it becomes a very interesting fact in itself. There are many interesting facts related to this world, after knowing them everyone surprises. If you are also interested to know or read the interesting facts around the world, then this article is of great use.

In this post, you will know about some interesting and amazing facts that you might not know such as large scale outdoor collection of sculptures, coolest traffic control room, a restaurant at the base of a waterfall, the largest swimming pool, and more.

1) Interesting Fact - Airplanes have horns

Airplanes horns

2) Fascinating Fact - Restaurant at the base of Waterfall

Restaurant at the base of waterfall

Image Source – Flickr

3) Awesome Fact - Wadi Dawan: mud brick buildings

Image Source – GeenStijl

4) Cool Fact - Dinosaur egg shaped candle

Dinosaur egg shaped candle

Source – boredpanda

5) Amazing Facts - Vatican City the smallest country

smallest country

6) Interesting Fact - Eiffel Tower length

Eiffel tower length

7) Awesome Fact - Beijing Traffic Control Room

Beijing Traffic Control Room

8) Fascinating Fact - Gibbs Farm in New Zealand: Sculptures

Amazing Facts around the world

Source – Flickr

9) Unbelievable Fact - Tokelau Island 100% solar energy

Amazing Facts around the world Tokelau Island

10) Amazing Fact - The ESCAPE theme park: longest waterside

The ESCAPE theme park

Source – CNN

11) Cool Fact - The National Library of China

National Library of China

Source – Wikipedia

12) Incredible Fact - San Alfonso del Mar the largest swimming pool

swimming pool

13) Unbelievable Fact - The Gibraltar International Airport runway


Image Source – Reddit

14) Amazing Facts - The Kola Superdeep Borehole

Amazing Facts around the world

15) Cool Fact - The Mayan Temple water slide

Amazing Facts around the world

Source – CheapAir

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