May 8, 2021

List of Baby Products | Baby Care Products

The newborn baby brings a lot of happiness and hopes to the family. But they need a lot of attention and care in their early days. In order to take care of your baby, parents start buying different products so that their little prince/princess does not face any kind of trouble.

If you do not know what kind of products are necessary to take care of the baby, then we can help you with it. Here is the list of some essential baby care products that you can buy for your baby.

1.Nursing Products

Formula -

Formula milk is given to the baby as an alternative to breast milk. The decision to feed formula may be based on lifestyle choices, medical conditions, or any other reasons.
Commercially prepared formula milk is an alternative to breast milk and also contains all the same nutrients as breast milk with additional vitamins. They are usually prepared under sterile conditions.
However, before giving it, please consult the doctor, so that he can suggest the right formula milk based on the age and health of the baby. Not only this, but caution is also necessary while preparing it.

Feeding Bottle -

240 ml Plastic feeding/Nursing bottle that is BPA and BPS free. Soft spout with a durable and lightweight bottle. Medium size nipple for stress-free drinking and natural sucking pattern.

Bottle Cleaning Brush -

Bottle cleaning brush Set with 2 Big Brushes, 1 Pcs Nipple Brush, and Straw Cleaner. It comes with special handles that are handy, have a better grip, and convenient.

Liquid Cleanser -

baby care products

Liquid Cleanser can effectively clean baby bottles, toys, feeding accessories, fruits, etc. It also removes odor and residue from the baby products.

Food Feeder -

baby care products

Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder has the right amount of thickness which helps in feeding the baby. It is easy to use and comes with removal parts which makes it easy to clean.

Spout Cup -

It has a contoured shape with an anti-slip texture for better grip. It is BPA free and has a bendy straw cup with a bite-resistant hard spout for developing teeth. Anti-leak valve to prevent spills. It is easy to assemble and clean and it is also dishwasher safe.

Food Pacifier -

baby care products

Baby Fruit Feeders and Teethers are a safe and easy way to introduce solid food such as fruits and vegetables through their toothing phase. It is easy to dismantle and wash for hygiene purposes.

Pacifier -

baby care products

Taste and odor-free silicone pacifiers help to ensure the natural development of teeth and gums. It is smooth, transparent, and it is easy to clean with dishwasher safe. Strong and long-lasting material with snap on cap and has lightweight.

Thermos -

Thermos for keeping hot liquid hot and cold liquid cold. Stainless steel material that is tough and durable with a leak-proof cap

Bib -

baby care products

It is made of food-grade silicone. It saves time in cleaning the mess after the meal. It is smooth, easy to use for the baby, and catches falling food and drinks.

Baby Bag -

The baby bag can be used to keep diapers, baby products, and accessories. It has a large capacity and pockets with an adjustable shoulder strap. It helps to keep the products in an organized manner.

2. Bedding Products

Bed Protector -

This mattress protector can be used as a sheet and in a bassinet, crib, cradle. It is washable and dryer friendly and dries faster. Durable, waterproof, and reusable with comfort for a soothing sleep.

Baby Blanket -

Light Weight Baby Blanket with good enough length to wrap the baby properly. Smooth and gentle on baby skin.

Mattress with Mosquito Net -

baby care products

Mattress with Mosquito Net gives comfort and protection from mosquitos and insects. It allows fresh air while blocking mosquitos and insects. it has a strong and lightweight frame.

Baby Monitor -

baby care products

This Baby Monitor has a motion tracking system that automatically senses and tracks the action/motion in your home. It comes with a two-way audio system, speaker, night vision, security and privacy options, and easy to set up with the app.

3. Diapering Products

Cotton Nappies -

Cloth diapers made of soft breathable cotton fabric. Easy to use and comfortable for babies while keeping baby skin safe and healthy. They are easy to wash and dry.


These are easy to use disposable diapers Lotion with Aloe Vera. They are comfortable, leakage protection for up to 12 hours with soft and breathable material.

Baby Rash Cream -

It helps to reduce the diapers rashes while soothing the irritated skin. It eases the symptoms of rashes and simultaneously protects the skin by healing the wound and supporting the healing process.

Baby Wet Wipes -

baby care products

Baby wet wipes help in gently cleaning and moisturizing the baby’s delicate skin. Water based formula makes it skin-friendly with aloe vera and vitamin e for moisturization. Soft and thick material for gentle cleaning of baby skin.

Garbage Bags -

These are garbage bag rolls with detachable tie-tape to tie the bag after use. It is the most convenient method of garbage disposal while maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. It is also strong and leakproof.

4. Clothing

Swaddle Blanket -

The Swaddle Blankets are soft and big enough to swaddle the baby. it feels luxurious and soft on the baby’s delicate skin with breathable cotton for comfortable sleep. It can be used as a stroller cover, play at, baby towel, nursing cover, etc.

Baby Suit Set -

The baby suit set is made of soft material which is good for newborn babies. it is very comfortable, lightweight and of good quality.

5. Bathing and Cleaning Products

Bath Tub -

Inflatable Bath Tubs are easy to use and store that are made from BPA free pvc has a slip-resistant design, with a storage bag on the side of the tub. It is practical, durable, easy to use, and clean.

Baby Bath Towel -

Baby Bath Towel is made of soft and skin friendly fabric which helps to dry the baby skin. They are lightweight, travel-friendly, and easily foldable.

Baby Shampoo -

baby care products

Baby shampoo made of sugar-based mild cleanser which prevents from burning or stinging in the eyes. They gently clean the baby’s hair and strengthens the scalp for optimal hair growth.

Body wash for Babies -

Baby body washes with a tear-free and toxin-free formula for cleaning gentle baby skin. Coconut Based Cleansers, aloe vera extract, orange essential oil, and jojoba oil helps in cleaning and nourishing baby skin.

Baby Lotion -

Baby lotion can be used after baby’s bath and before bedtime to soften their skin. It also protects from irritation of sensitive baby skin.

Baby Hair Oil -

baby care products

Baby Hair Oil helps in promoting hair growth and provides hair nourishment. Made from natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. It helps in stimulating blood flow to hair follicles.

Baby Powder -

Baby Powder protects and prevents skin from rashes and infection while keeping skin cool and fresh. Soft and coarse talc does not block the skin pores.

Baby Massage Oil -

baby care products

Baby Massage Oil provides nourishment, protecting, and softening the baby’s skin. It also helps in the overall growth and development of the baby.

Brush and Comb -

The soft bristles of the brush with rounded ends of the comb teeth gently comb the baby’s hair. it is also ideal for a baby`s delicate scalp. The large and comfortable handle gives a good grip while using.

Nail Clipper -

A safe and convenient way to cut and trim the baby’s nails. It easy to use on kid’s nails without risk.

Bath Thermometer -

baby care products

The baby bath thermometer helps to determine the temperature of the water for the baby. It is also a fun toy to play with the baby while bathing.

Bath Toy -

baby care products

Baby bath toys make bath time more fun while developing hand-eye coordination. They have the perfect size for baby’s to hold and squeeze and has bright colors which visually stimulates. It is safe to use as it is non-toxic and BPA free.

6. Safety/Babyproofing Products

Socket Plug Cover -

baby care products

Electric Socket Plug Cover protects your toddler from accidents and electrocution. Quick, safe & easy way to install while keeping your baby safe and sound.

Corner Guards -

Corner Guards protect your babies from injuries from sharp edges and corners. It is made of soft and high-density foam cushions providing safety. Quick and easy to install.

Baby Safety Locks -

Baby Safety Locks securely shut your drawers, cabinets, windows, and more keeping your loved ones away from danger. It has a practical design and is convenient to use with high quality and durable material.

7. Baby Gear and Toys

Rocker -

This Rocker can be used as a rocker as well as a chair. It is comfortable, safe to use, and also has lightweight.

Baby Cradle -

Baby swing has a bed and mosquito net which gives comfortable sleep to the baby. It is portable, easy to use, wash, and dry.

Doorway Jumper -

Doorway Jumper helps to develop core muscles with entertainment and exercise. It is portable, easy to set up, and has adjustable straps for custom height.

Stroller/Pram -

Stroller/Pram is a comfortable and useful baby gear for both baby and parents. It comes with safety features, reversible handlebar, seat recliner, wheel suspension, etc.

Baby Car Seat -

Baby car seats make travel comfortable and safe for your baby. It is easy to use and install with essential safety features and has reclining positions.

Kids Board Book -

Board book helps in introducing new topics and everyday objects to the little ones. It helps in building vocabulary, improves observation skills, and reading skills.

Building & Construction Toy -

Building blocks help in improving listening skills, curiosity, creativity, and motor skills in the child.

Teethers Toys Set -

Rattles and Teethers Toys are best for growing babies. It helps in strengthening the baby’s motor, sensory, and hand eye coordination skills. It is made from BPA free material which is safe for baby to chew on. They are big enough to avoid mistakenly swallow but have a perfect size so that little hands can grab them.

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